AWCC Receives CARES Act Funding


As one of Anchorage’s five “Cultural Pillars,” the AWCC recently received a portion of CARES Act funding provided to the Municipality of Anchorage.

Our nonprofit took a serious financial hit this year. Earnings have been a fraction of our normal income due to the cancellation of nearly all tours, events, and visitors. The drastic reduction in revenue threatens the future of AWCC, including our ability to care for animals, provide STEM education programs to students, and our participation in important conservation projects like the Wood Bison Restoration project. CARES Act funding provided by the municipality will help us continue our operations until we can increase our revenues next summer.  

Although AWCC has never requested or received municipal funds in the past, Assembly members recognized Anchorage’s five Cultural Pillars to be important assets for our community. AWCC is in good company with the Anchorage Museum, the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, the Alaska Zoo, and the Alaska Native Heritage Center. We are grateful to the Anchorage Assembly and Administration for this critical assistance, and a big thank you to Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Riveria for visiting.

In the featured photo, Interim Executive Director Trish Baker, Felix Rivera (center), and Sarah Howard say hello to Pip & Jo during Felix’s visit in late August.

Thank you to all out members, fans, and guests who continue to support AWCC during these unprecedented times. Without your support over the last few months AWCC would be in a more difficult position.

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