Winter at the AWCC


We’ve had folks ask us some great questions recently about what our animals do during winter at the AWCC. Are they active? Can you still see them? And what certain things does our Animal Care staff do to make sure they’re comfortable when it gets cold out? 

To name a few things our staff does, we work hard to provide our animals with extra straw bedding during the winter months. This helps them stay nice and warm, and we’ll even provide straw to our bears at the very start of winter so they can insulate their dens. In addition, ensuring our animals’ waters do not freeze is extremely important. We use propane heaters in all of our animals’ “drinkers” so that they always have access to clean, drinkable water. And last but not least, our staff does A LOT of snow shoveling!

While many of us enjoy the beauty of winter, some of our animals just can’t stand it. For example, Kit Kat the porcupine absolutely refuses to put one toe on the snow and instead prefers to stay snug inside his house. Kobuk is no better and won’t come out of his den until nearly every clump of snow has melted in the spring. On the other hand, Pip and Jo the rescued moose calves and even Luna the reindeer can’t get enough of it and can often be seen frolicking through the snow in their enclosures.

Bonus fact: On the operational side of the equation, our maintenance staff works tirelessly to ensure that the AWCC is plowed, sanded, and graveled on days that we are open to the public. It’s extremely important to us that our guests have a safe and enjoyable visit when they come see our animals in the winter. We’re open Friday through Monday this winter, and although JB, Kobuk, and the rest of our bears are snoozing, the rest of our animals are active and going about their business. Come on by and see us this winter at the AWCC!

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