Beary Playful

Enjoy this video of Kobuk the Black Bear at play, filmed by a guest visiting the sanctuary in July of 2021. This video highlights the importance of enrichment. Sonia, AWCC Animal Keeper & Enrichment Coordinator, chats with us about the importance of enrichment: As the enrichment coordinator it is my job to make sure that…

Season 2 of Alaska Animal Rescue is now live on DisneyPlus!

Come behind the scenes with our Animal Care staff and learn what it takes to care for the animals that call AWCC home. The show follows staff from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, the Alaska SeaLife Center, and the Alaska Raptor Center as they respond to animals in need.

Video tour of the AWCC with the Newstate Nomads!

Newstates Go North | 2021 Alaska Road Trip – Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center By: Howard and Katelyn… the Newstate Nomads. Great ready for all the Alaskan Animals! Join us on an exclusive tour with the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) team to get up close and personal with brown bears, moose, elk, wood bison, sika…