Giant Veggie Feeding

The giant veggie feeding to our resident bears is happening today! We will be feeding Kobuk and the adult bears the colossal vegetables from the Alaska State Fair. Kobuk’s feeding will be at 1:30 pm and the adult bears will be at 3:30 pm. Every year at the Alaska State Fair, one of the main…

Kobuk and Sarah

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center’s very own Sarah Howard, the Curator was recognized for her special relationship with Kobuk, the three-year-old black bear on KTUU Channel 2. If you missed the story, catch up on the article here:

Animal Reactions to November Earthquake

Ever wonder how animals would react in an earthquake? Well on November 30, 2019, a 7.1 earthquake hit southcentral Alaska causing the resident animals of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to display some interesting behaviors. Musk ox assumed their protective stance by standing in a circle and looking outward, facing the threat. Wolves and coyotes…