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Calling all Alaskans!

While you’re applying for your Permanent Dividend Fund (PFD) this year, don’t forget that you can choose to donate to AWCC. Pick.Click.Give. allows Alaskans to make tax deductible donations to causes they care about statewide by using a portion of their PFD. 

Pick.Click.Give. allows Alaskans to make donations in increments of $25. Donations are tax deductible and once a donation has been processed you’ll receive tax documentation from the State. Permanent Fund Dividend applications are available from January 1 to March 31 but Pick.Click.Give pledges can be adjusted online through August 31. Thank you to the Alaska Community Foundation, Rasmuson Foundation, The Foraker Group, and the State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division for making this amazing program a reality.

Where will your donation go?

We hope you’ll consider donating a portion of your PFD to AWCC. By selecting AWCC as your non-profit of choice, you’ll be helping us care for orphaned and injured animals like Cal the rescued Canadian lynx. Curious about what your donation will go towards? Food items such as fresh produce are important for all of our herbivores and omnivores. Our animals consume 120 pounds of fresh produce every month. As an example, a box of kiwis costs $8.79 and a bag of grapes (Kit Kat the porcupine’s favorite) costs $5.99.

During baby season in the spring, we see an increase in the number of orphaned animals brought to AWCC. Donations help us purchase goat’s milk for any babies we may take in, and cartons cost $6.19 each. Food safety is equally as important and donations also help us purchase disposable gloves which cost $10 per box of 100. We use 6 boxes every month.

Whether it’s $25 or $100, when you donate to AWCC via Pick.Click.Give you’ll help keep our animals happy and healthy. We thank you for your support!

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