National Zoo Keeper Week

Ever wonder who takes care of all the animals at AWCC, the Alaska Zoo, the SeaLife Center and other animal parks? Animal keepers.

Animal keepers not only take care of the animals we all know and love, but they also teach the public about the specific animal, species and efforts to help protect that animal in the wild. These people not only make a difference in the lives of those little (and big) guys they care for, but they make a difference in the visitors’ lives, too.

In 2007, the U.S. Congress made the 3rd week of July National Zoo Keeper Week. Via the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK), the mission of this event is to “recognize and promote dedicated zoo and aquarium professionals year-round, culminating in an annual celebration.” Not only is this week to honor the hard work, dedication, pride, fun and professionalism put into this field by every member, but it is also to “highlight the diversity of keepers and their contributions to global conservation efforts.”

Here at AWCC, our keepers are constantly working to provide for our animals. Whether they are updating enclosures, feeding animals, vaccinating animals, cleaning enclosures or prepping diets for the next day, our animal keepers are always available to care for our animals.

They each have their own story, though. We have keepers who have worked specifically with bears in Minnesota all the way to marine life in Mexico. How a keeper makes it to their current location is their own special story, and each then provides a special skill set and quirk to the team.

We not only appreciate and praise our keepers, but we also say thank you to all the keepers who work endlessly to raise awareness, conserve and save species while educating the public and promoting healthy interactions.

So, enjoy your week, keepers. You deserve it.


*Information taken from the American Association of Zoo Keepers

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