Giant Vegetables become Food to Giant Herds


awcc-bears-state-fair-vegetables-006-300x200Every year at the Alaska State Fair, one of the main attractions is the giant prized vegetables. The colossal pumpkins, cabbage and more attract spectators with their vibrant colors and record breaking weights. But as the vendors break down their booths and the long summer hours dwindle, what happens to all the giant and prized vegetables?

The vegetables head south of Anchorage to attract a different crowd and take the stage once more! The Alaska State Fair generously donates the vegetables to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC). On September 6th staff from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center venture up to the fair grounds to collect the vegetables and haul down to Portage where they will shine for a second time. Throughout the week, visitors can see the giant produce on display.

Saturday, September 10th the giant herds at AWCC will devour the giant vegetables, a sight to be seen! A tractor will be loaded with the giant treats, then driven into the bear enclosure where they will feast. Additional prized vegetables will also be served to the moose, elk and bison. The Alaska State Fair has been providing the produce to the Wildlife Center since 2010 and continues to excite the animals with tasty treats.

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