Join us for the Giant Veggie Feeding event on Sunday, September 15, 2019!

Every year at the Alaska State Fair, one of the main attractions is the giant prized vegetables with record-breaking pumpkins, giant cabbage, and impressive squash. But as the vendors break down their booths and the long summer hours dwindle, what happens to all the giant vegetables?

The vegetables head south of Anchorage to attract a different crowd and take the stage once more! The Alaska State Fair generously donates the vegetables to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where they will shine for the second time. Throughout the week, visitors can see the giant produce on display outside of Bison Hall.

Sunday, September 15th the bears at AWCC will devour the giant vegetables – a sight to be seen! Kobuk, the black bear, will be fed at 1:30 pm at his enclosure located next to the wolves. The brown and black bears will be fed at 3:30 pm.

Arrive early to get a good viewing spot. Event is free with admission.