Education Programs Receive Howling Opportunity


Wildlife Center Acquires Wolf Pup

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center procured its first wolf in an ever-expanding educational department. Deshka, the new-born Tundra wolf, whose potential impact on the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center’s (AWCC) educational department already has a number of staff excited, has recently been acclimated to a habitat on exhibit for the public.

Deshka was born at a ZAA (Zoological Association of America) accredited zoological facility for the specific purpose of becoming an ambassador for her species. The addition of Deshka into AWCC’s education programs presents the opportunity to provide an interactive and dynamic education lesson in which the public can be informed on the importance and the plight of her wild counterparts.

Many times animals that come in from the wild often do so with extreme injury; either physically, emotionally or sometimes both. Providing opportunities for these animals to have enrichment through AWCC’s training program is always a goal for staff, however this must be carried out slowly as to not induce additional stress to the animal. The safety of staff and wildlife is always of the utmost importance and can dictate what level of enrichment will ultimately be possible for each individual animal.

Educational animals under Wildlife Center care, such as Snickers the porcupine, provide an example for what an animal in human care can ultimately do for their wild counterparts. Snickers visits several thousand Anchorage School District Students on an average year and furthermore has a series of online videos whose collective views are in the millions.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a 501 (c) (3) corporation dedicated to conserving Alaska’s Wildlife through education, and quality animal care. Find them online at

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