Have AWCC Visit Your Classroom!


Alaska Animals Puppet Show

  • Price: $100 per puppet show (30 students maximum)
  • Grades: K – 2nd grades
  • Description: Learn about Alaska animals with the help of AWCC’s puppets and staff! The puppet show lasts approximately 25 minutes and is followed by hands-on activities with animal skulls, hides, and antlers (45 minutes total).

Awesome Adaptations

  • Price: $75 per presentation
  • Grades: 3rd – 5th grades
  • Description: Students will learn how Alaska animals have uniquely adapted to live in a harsh environment. Students will have a hands-on experience investigating skulls, fur, teeth, and bones (1 hour).

Live Animal Presentation

  • Price: $150 per presentation, $50 per additional presentation
  • Grades: K – 12th grades
  • Description: Let us bring a porcupine and a ferret to your classroom! Students are introduced to our animals while learning about unique adaptations, relationships, and differences/similarities between predator and prey (30 minutes).

If you are within the Anchorage School District, please contact Marva Stevens with Community Resources (907-742-4147, stevens_marva@asdk12.org) to schedule a visit!

If you are outside of the Anchorage School District, please let our staff know which opportunity you would like for you and your students!

Contact the Education Department at education@alaskawildlife.org or 907-783-0058 for more information.

Please read our cancellation policy.

Has your class visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center yet?