Have AWCC Visit Your Classroom!


Alaskan Animal Puppet Show: Alaskan Animal Puppet Show: Learn about Alaskan animals with the help of AWCC’s zany puppets and staff! The puppet show lasts approximately 25 minutes and is followed by hands-on activities with animal skulls, hides, and antlers. Cost: $100 per class in the Anchorage, Girdwood, and Whittier area.  *Maximum 30 students Age: Kindergarten – 2nd grade recommended Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours

Awesome Adaptations: Students will learn about Alaskan animal adaptations and how these animals have uniquely adapted to live in their harsh environment. Students will have a hands-on experience investigating skulls, fur, teeth, and bones. Cost: $75 per class  *Maximum 30 students Age: 3rd – 5th grade recommended Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours

Live Animal Presentation: Let us bring a porcupine and a ferret to your classroom! Students are introduced to our animals while learning about unique adaptations, relationships, and differences/similarities between predator and prey. Cost: $150 for the first presentation; $50 for each additional presentation Cost: $150 for the first presentation; $50 for each additional presentation  *Maximum 30 students per presentation Age: All ages recommended Duration: Approximately 1-hour Additional cost: An additional transportation fee may be applied outside the municipality of Anchorage. 

Bison In A Box: After a brief presentation by AWCC staff members, your students will have the chance to follow a guided video and manuals to restore the wood bison skeleton to its full size and shape! This kit consists of a real wood bison skeleton along with fasteners and all the necessary tools to rebuild the skeleton. As the largest mammal in North America, wood bison once lived in Alaska and were thought to have gone extinct about 100 years ago. After discovering a small herd in Canada, AWCC brought a small population of bison to Alaska and began our own herd. In March of 2015, we helped to reintroduce the wood bison to the Lower Innoko/ Yukon River area – approximately 300 miles west of Anchorage. Cost: FREE Age: Recommended for 6th grade and above. Duration: Up to 2 weeks

Contact: Email the Education Department to arrange a visit or with any questions you may have!

Please read our cancellation policy.

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