Animal Rescue Highlight of 2020


As 2020 comes to an end, we thought we’d look back at the animals that were given homes at AWCC this year. This past spring, AWCC was able to rescue five adorable critters that were in need of a loving home. We’re glad that we were able to say “yes” to bringing Baby Ruth, Heath, Pip, Jo, and Ebenezer into our care thanks to the support of donors like you. We hope everyone enjoys this animal rescue highlight of 2020.

Ebenezer Scrooge, or “Little Ebb”, came to us in early August after becoming humanized in Anchorage, Alaska. Little Ebb was being hand fed by humans and it became clear to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game that he would not be able to fend for himself. He now has a happy home here at AWCC. We don’t know Little Ebb’s exact age but our staff suspects he was born this spring. This little guy loves to cache food and has a special bed where he’ll only store nuts. When Ebb isn’t caching food away, he’s typically snacking on walnuts and jumping from branch to branch within his habitat.

Baby Ruth the porcupine was found near a trail head in Homer, AK. She was being hand-fed and would often follow people around looking for food. Since she was habituated with people, and is still very young, she was picked up by the ADF&G and brought to AWCC. This is a valuable lesson on why we discourage anyone from ever feeding wildlife. Animals quickly become reliant on humans and will no longer fend for themselves. Therefore, Baby Ruth is now in our care. Baby Ruth loves her new home, walking on her back legs to ask for food, and hanging out with her care givers!

Heath the porcupine was found near Ninilchik frozen on the ground in the middle of a hiking path. He was cold, weak, and was missing all of his quills. He was picked up by a passer-by who contacted ADF&G, who then got in touch with AWCC. This is a good reminder that springtime is rich with babies, and if you are ever worried about an orphan, please leave the wildlife alone and call ADF&G. Unfortunately, Heath also lost a front leg. He has had a rough start but is doing well adapting to his new home at AWCC. Heath is an avid climber, and enjoys snacking on grapes and nuts, especially pecans.

This year we were also able to rescue two female moose calves. Pip, short for Pippi Longstocking, came to us after being orphaned in Seward, Alaska. Jo, short for Josephine March from Little Women, was orphaned when her mother was shot and killed in defense of life and property in Anchorage. Jo is about a week older and a tad bigger and came to us on June 1st, 2020. Pip came to us on May 29th, 2020. Pip and Jo’s story’s are quite sad but we’re glad we can give them a happy home here at the AWCC. They are now hanging out in the enclosure behind the Animal Infirmary.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to AWCC. Your support makes our work possible and enables us to give homes to orphaned and injured animals every year. We look forward to giving second chances to rescued wildlife for years to come.

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