Wood Bison Curriculum

AWCC is teaming up with Bear Trust International and Inspired Classroom to develop science-based education programs rooted in wood bison research and ecology. What better way to celebrate the upcoming return of this magnificent species back into the wild?  All lessons meet Alaska and National Science Standards, and address STEM goals.

The Wood Bison Curriculum is available for FREE download on this website.

  • Targets youth in grade 7 – 8
  • Meets national science and math standards
  • Students become wood bison scientists as they use real-world data to determine WHERE on the Alaskan landscape a captive herd of wood bison can be restored

The Wood Bison Curriculum includes:

  1. Curriculum Overview
  2. Introductory Video
  3. STEM Lesson: Where Will the Wood Bison Roam?
  1. Wood Bison Behavior Lesson
  1. Tracks and Trails