Wildlife Shelter / Intern Housing

IMG_4895There are no two ways about it – we are pretty cramped here at the center.  In the summer of 2010, Princess and Holland America Tours donated use of a housing unit, where AWCC housed 12 interns. This solution was only temporary, therefore, we have completed construction on the first of three Wildlife Shelter / Intern Housing units. This unit will house up to 10 interns in the upstairs, and the downstairs will be finished similarly to a barn, where the Center’s animals can seek shelter from the elements in the winter, and can be cared for year round. This will also provide an excellent  educational opportunity for our interns, to basically live among the animals that they work with. Total cost of this building is just over $400,000. The Center completed construction on the first of three of these buildings and is seeking grants for the remaining two planned for the Center’s campus.