Come Visit Us


Map to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation CenterFollow AK Route 1 (The Seward Highway) South for about 47 miles from Anchorage, past Girdwood, and just before the Portage Glacier road turnoff, we will be on your right!

Who we Are:

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) is a non-profit organization that provides refuge for orphaned, injured and ill animals; cares for animals that cannot survive on their own in the wild; and educates visitors about Alaska’s wildlife.



Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Map


Safety Guidelines

  1. Make sure all children are kept away from fences.
  2. Never attempt to pet or hand-feed any animals.
  3. Leave all plants and flowers for the enjoyment of others. Help keep the grounds beautiful.
  4. Litter is a deadly hazard to animals. Put garbage in its proper place.
  5. Keep pets in vehicle at all times.
  6. Respect the animals. Refrain from taunting or harassing them.