The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is committed to conservation of Alaska’s Wildlife, and is involved in several programs that further our commitment to this worthy cause. From taking in orphaned and injured animals when they can not fend for themselves, to the Wood Bison Restoration Project, AWCC is involved in projects great & small. We strive to work in cooperation with federal & state wildlife agencies, as well as with our community members at all levels to ensure that conservation remains top of mind in our mission.

Wood Bison Reintroduction Project

After more than 100 years of extinction in Alaska, wood bison have found their way back to the state of Alaska. The AWCC herd arrived in November 2003 from the Yukon Territory in Canada and is part of a wood bison reintroduction program designed to reintroduce the species to Alaska. AWCC is home to the only wood bison herd in the United States. In spring 2015, the first wood bison were reintroduced back into Alaska for the first time in over 100 years. The first wood bison calves born in the state of Alaska in over 100 years were born at AWCC in 2005, and since then, dozens more calves have been born at the Center.